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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey all you crocheters!
So Sorry I've been absent lately.. our family has been quite busy thru the holidays..I would like to thank all of you for keeping us in your prayers over the holidays..

well to begin-UPDATE ON MAKAYLA: She is doing well, but we have hit a few snags since I've last talk to you guys.. she has developed a spot on the front of her brain now.. the Drs. are treating it with Radiation to the front of the brain and the cancer is still in the spinal fluid so they are giving her direct CHEMO to the spinal last update from my daughter they checked the spinal fluid and it was clear so the spinal chemo is we are in a waiting game..we are waiting for our beautiful *NEW* baby girl to arrive in March..they will be using the UMBILLICAL CORD(however ya spell it)blood for the STEM CELLS to hopefully cure our MAKAYLA! They say its a 63% chance of a cure for its just the timing now..of course she will continue her treatments until then and then she'll go to ATLANTA for stem cell stuff..Wow its been a rough year for the family and we are just praying for a miracle..all the e-mails & prayers are helping so keep them coming our way! Thank to you all!

Ok, well on to crocheting: Gosh I made so many things for everyone this year..really I did but stupid me I was so busy I didn't take any pics..but I made alot of what I called Hoodie Scarves! Everyone loved them and even my husband wanted one for hunting..(he calls it a MARF- his MAN SCARF) LOL too funny! Here is a pic of the ones I just made for the twins PINK of course..for Valentines Day..they are warm and keeps for loosing your hat or scarf when your shopping because its all in one..yee-who!! OK I found my husbands MARF and I took


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