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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been over a year now!

I am so sorry about not coming back online after the death of Makayla..I had a very hard year but I seem to be getting back into the swing of things again..let me update ya'll a little bit..

Well after Makayla passed both of my daughters had babies on the same day in March of 2007..Kristin had a baby girl "Qudaria" we call her "QUEY" for short..and Autumn had a baby boy "Cavelli" he was named after a young man that my children went to JHS with..he too had cancer and passed at 15 years old..we miss you Michael Cavelli you will always be with us.. So they are 14 months old now..we had their first birthday party at our new home which we bought last May was wonderful..Grammy didn't miss one stone unturned for sure..we had farm animals,bouncy thingy(for the little ones, I don't know what u call them), riding the 4 wheelers, BBQ outside, and a huge Easter egg many people came out to celebrate with us..truely wonderful..

These are a few of the picture we took..and yes I made those cakes for the babies! Not to shabby for a Grammy huh? It was a great time had by all..

Well the hubby and I have been working on the landscaping this year and its coming along great..our new home is so very nice and we love been out in the country..

I planted my first garden this year and so far doing well..lettuce, radishes,zucchini all coming up great, corn soon and cabbage is in also..all the flower I planted will be blooming soon I hope they turn our nice..I'll take more pictures soon..

We have also been very invloved with our son Will who has decided that drag motorcycle racing is what he likes to do on the ol man and I travel with him and its alot of fun.. all of you that know me know I'm a huge motorhead! So having a racer in family is what I've been waiting r a few pics of Will racing his motorcycle!

Well over the winter the hubby got a few deer to fill our freezer for the's a couple we got this year..This my hubby Bill and our best friend Scotty in the above pic with his first kill of the year! Well I'll stop boring you now and will post again later..we have much to caught up on! TATA for now!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Our ANGEL has lost her fight with cancer..

I wanted to let you all know that our little angel lost her fight with cancer on February 16, 2007..she is at peace now, no more pain or suffering, just happiness and joy and we are all very greatful for that..she will be missed every day, every minute, every hour..

Thank you for all your support and prayers it is a great comfort to know so many people care..there is a memorial fund setup in Makayla's name at any Bank of America-Memorial Fund Of Makayla Williams be sure to mention this is a Georgia account..I do have an account number you can contact me by e-mail if you like..Thank you all again for the prayers and support..

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey all you crocheters!
So Sorry I've been absent lately.. our family has been quite busy thru the holidays..I would like to thank all of you for keeping us in your prayers over the holidays..

well to begin-UPDATE ON MAKAYLA: She is doing well, but we have hit a few snags since I've last talk to you guys.. she has developed a spot on the front of her brain now.. the Drs. are treating it with Radiation to the front of the brain and the cancer is still in the spinal fluid so they are giving her direct CHEMO to the spinal last update from my daughter they checked the spinal fluid and it was clear so the spinal chemo is we are in a waiting game..we are waiting for our beautiful *NEW* baby girl to arrive in March..they will be using the UMBILLICAL CORD(however ya spell it)blood for the STEM CELLS to hopefully cure our MAKAYLA! They say its a 63% chance of a cure for its just the timing now..of course she will continue her treatments until then and then she'll go to ATLANTA for stem cell stuff..Wow its been a rough year for the family and we are just praying for a miracle..all the e-mails & prayers are helping so keep them coming our way! Thank to you all!

Ok, well on to crocheting: Gosh I made so many things for everyone this year..really I did but stupid me I was so busy I didn't take any pics..but I made alot of what I called Hoodie Scarves! Everyone loved them and even my husband wanted one for hunting..(he calls it a MARF- his MAN SCARF) LOL too funny! Here is a pic of the ones I just made for the twins PINK of course..for Valentines Day..they are warm and keeps for loosing your hat or scarf when your shopping because its all in one..yee-who!! OK I found my husbands MARF and I took

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry I been gone lately! Very busy!

Well I have been so busy lately! I have been crocheting in my evening times though great therapy!

UPDATE ON MAKAYLA: MaKayla is doing AWESOME..she finished up her last rounds of Chemotherapy in September and is now finishing up her 18 Radiation treatments as of this coming Tuesday..she is a trooper I tell daughter called me to come for a visit over the Thanksgiving holiday..I was thrilled. hopefully they will schedule her MRI while I'm visiting and we can find out the end results of all these treatments hopefully they have been successful and everyone please say a prayer that MaKayla is cancer FREE! I just know we will be issued this miracle!

Well in September my husband and I took a trip to GA for a visit and my dad came out from Colorado and we had a great time. This was the first time he had seen his Great grandaughters and the first time he had seen my daughter Kristin since she was only 6 years old. It was a wonderful visit and we all had a good time together. I had not seen my dad for 7 years also. Here are some pics of our visit!

This is our family!

Pic 1: Dad, My Hubby, Son-in-law Tony, MaKayla, Mariah, my daughter Kristin!

PIC 2: Great Papaw & Twins!

PIC 3: Great Papaw & MaKayla!

PIC 4: My beautiful daughter Kristin!

PIC 5: 4 Generations of Robinson's!

Pic 6: My new PT Cruiser! This is my first new car..I'm so excited now I can get to GA anytime I need too! Thanks hunny! I love U!

It been a very busy couple of months and I will get all my crochet items up on here soon..I'm gearing up for Christmas I have a few things made for family members so far..I have also been going to yard sales lately and have started getting baby items for my 2 daughters that are pregnant and due at the end of March! so I do know my youngest daughter Autumn is haveing a little boy and Kristin hopefully will find out at the end of this month, her baby is being stubborn..I sure hope that's not a sign..LOL Well I shall go for now need to get cookin' for the hubby while I'm gone..I luv to cook for him..I always fill the freezer with enough dinners and goodies while I visiting the grandkids so he doesn't miss a meal at all! He's not a cook! How I love Rachael Ray and her meals they are great everyone should watch her! All her recipes are terrific! Well TA-TA 4 NOW!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"BEST IN SHOW" at the County Fair!

Well I just got home from the fair and I really didn't do as well as I thought I would.. but I did get "BEST IN SHOW" for the Woman's ruffled cardigan, and a Second place on my Baby blanket. UPDATE! I got a "MOST ORIGINAL IN SHOW" for the BUD CAN HAT! I have seen what did win and I will killem' next year! HAHA! It was just for fun anyway! It rained right before the fair started and the whole fair grounds were ankle deep in water but we trudged though just to see what we got! It was fun! Grabbed some cheese fries and a funnel cake and made it all worth it! HAHA! TA TA 4 NOW!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Going to the FAIR!!!

This is a size 12 Boys Hoodie Pullover. This is one I took to the fair this year. The fair is Thursday-Sunday this week.. I'll know what my results are on Thursday night.. They judge before the fair opens..I have alot more to show you! Keep scrolling down (So sorry the pics are so bad.. I really have no where to take good pictures at..)

Here is a pretty Baby Girl Ruffled Dress with a Floppy Hat.. There is also matching booties with lace I forgot to put them bad!

This is a woman's small Ruffled Cardigan..again sorry about the pictures..also going to the fair!

How about this 1960's Ol' Budwieser Crochet Hat! I thought it was fun! Also going to the fair!

This is a Mint Victorian Baby afghan I made for my "NEW" grandchild arriving in March! Also going to the fair!

Last but not least the famous Pink Verigated LuLu Sweater w/ Purple Disco Fringe!! Also going to the fair!

I also entered a Preemie Baby Boy outfit..I forgot to take a picture..well this is what I have been doing for the last 6 weeks.. I just couldn't stop hook was flying! Now I am done and will settle in alittle bit and start in making Christmas presents now! Plus I have 2 "NEW" additions to the family coming in March! both of my daughters are pregnant 3 months each! We are very excited and hope all are healthy!

Update on MaKayla:

She is doing well just went into the hospital yesterday for the last of what we hope will be the last of Chemo treatments..we will know more in a couple weeks. My husband and I are making a trip in mid-Sept. meeting up with my Dad who I haven't seen in 6 years. I'm so very excited! He has never seen his great grandchildren and my daughter hasn't seen her grandpa since she was 6 (she's now 24) we all live far from each other! This will truely be a treat! Well wish me good luck at the fair and let me know what you think about my goodies!! Ta-Ta 4 NOW!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

JESSE'S Dale Jr. #8 Walker Tote Bag!

This is my first try at the Afghan Stitch! After hours of rippin' it out, I just decided to start over & try fresh, so here it is JESSE'S DALE JR. # 8 Walker Tote! I figured with a broke leg and a walker he can't carry things around, so I made him this walker tote bag! I got the pattern from Cindy Murray's website. Thanks Cindy for graphing this out and thanks to Rita Canada for the Row Count! Its perfect! Jesse luvs it! It works great!