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Monday, July 24, 2006

Mariah Carey Fans Club Comes from Atlanta

I have been e-mailing a new friend in Atlanta ever since MaKayla was diagnosed with her brain tumor and cancer..she is part of the Mariah Carey fan club down there..well Maggie & Kim came from Atlanta on Saturday to bring wonderful gifts for MaKayla & Mariah..they brought Mariah Carey Cd's & jewelry! They also brought them 2 5th row concert tickets and hotel acommodations for the night of the concert..which is Aug 9th there in Atlanta..We have all been so excited to meet with the girls and we had a fun time with them.. they played TWISTER with the girls and were having a great time when I left..the fan club is having club T-shirts for them to wear at the concert and will be all together for the big event! We are very excited about them going to the show..we are now trying to get 2 more tickets so the whole family can enjoy a good time for a change..its been so crazy with MaKayla's treatments twice a week and then usually once a month hospital stay for the major chemo..Maggie and her fan club are working with Miss Carey's managers to possibly get the kids back stage to meet the great Mariah Carey..hopefully this can happen and make my grandaughters dream come true..all this came from an e-mail I sent to Maggie and she and her friends have really stepped it up and made alot of things happen..I will always be indebted to them..them are doing great things with their young lives and we shall never forget them! Thanks Maggie & Kim & everyone that has helped make a little girls dream come true! Your the best! (sorry my pics aren't as clear as I'd like them to be..)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sweet LuLu Hoodie Sweater for the twins

I made these sweet little LuLu Sweaters for the twins for Christmas this past year I had someone ask to see them and so while I'm here in GA. I thought we would share them with you! It looks lopsided but its not! LOL

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Down in Georgia with the TWINS!

Well I made it to Georgia this weekend and having a great time playing with my grandkids and enjoying my daughter and son-in-law! Wow is it HOT down here! As promised here are some pics of the twins modeling their outfits I made them..The Granny Square Halter & Skirt from Christina Budd at Christina's Crochet Haven with matching Doo-rag for MaKayla! They are having fun with them..
And here is MaKayla with one of her new doo-rags which I will say she did wear it to church last Sunday and she looked so
pretty all dressed up! Also here is a sweater I made yesterday from Chelle at Luv 2 Crochet!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Girly Summer Top

This is the new summer top I designed these last couple days..I didn't ever think I was going to get it done..This little top matches the shorts I made was a little confusing until I got the pattern down and then it went right along..really I think it was just me as I hads a hard time concentrating too much going on this week. but its done and here it is for ya all too see!! I hope you like it..oh its a 4-5T and I did it in HDC's and the Loop Eyelet Shell Stitch..Front & back view(ties in back)

And this is the set together..Its much prettier then the picture shows..I sure hope it fits the twins..I will make another one exactly like it for the other twin! Everything in pairs for me!!!

Here is the pattern for the Little Girly Summer Top! Its not been tested so if there is mistakes plewase let me know..or if you have a problem feel free to e-mail me!
Little Girly Summer Top

Designed by Michelle De Groat

Size H HookRed Heart Soft Baby Yarn
CH 82ROW 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from the hk and then across (80 hdc)ch 2, turn
ROW 2: Hdc across, ch 2, turn
Row 3-11: Repeat ROW 2
ROW 12: (BODY) Row 1: Sc into 2nd ch from hk. Sc in next ch. *Ch 3 (to create loop), skip two ch, Sc into next 3 chs. Repeat from * across block ending with 2 Sc. Turn.
Row 13: Ch 1. Sc in 1st sc. *5Dc into Ch3 loop, sk 1 sc; Sc into next sc. Repeat from * across piece, ending with a Sc in end st. Turn.
Row 14: Ch3. Skip 2 Dc, Sc into next 3 dc. *Ch 3, skip 3 dc, and Sc into next 3 Dc. Repeat from * to end. To complete the end, Ch 1 and Hdc into last sc of row. Turn
Row 15: Ch 3 (counts as one dc). 2 Dc into ch 1 sp. Sk 1 sc, and sc into next st. * 5 Dc into Ch3 loop. Sk 1 sc, and sc into next st. Repeat from * across to end. Ending with 3 Dc into last Ch3 loop on very end. Turn.
Row 16: Ch 1. Sc into next 2 dc. *Ch 3. Skip next 3 dc, and Sc into next 3 dc. Repeat from * to end of row, ending with 2 Sc. Turn.
Repeat Rows 13-16 until desired size is achieved. For Final Row: Ch 1, sc in first 2 st, * 1 sc in ch 3 space, ch 3, sl st in first of ch 3(picot made)2 sc in same sp, 1 sc in next 2 sc, ch 3, sl st in first of ch 3, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in next sc. Repeat from * to end fasten off & weave ends in.

Back Laces: Ch 125, sl st back thru ch. Fasten off , weave ends in. Lace up the top of the top of the sweater..You can lace it from the top or the bottom which ever you would like.

Shoulder straps: Ch 25Hdc in 3rd ch from hook to the end, ch 2 hdc down the other side of the strap. Fasten offsew straps to front and back of top and youe finshed! Great Job!

This pattern is my own design please don't sell or post this pattern to any other websites.You can link to my site if you like. Thank you! Happy Crocheting

Monday, July 10, 2006

How about that, Pretty Little Girl Shorts!

Well I couldn't find a pattern for shorts so I just did one myself..not too bad.. I don't have my models here so I can't tell you how they fit until the weekend when I will be going to GA to visit the kids..but I thought they were cute..easy & quick to make too..take a looksy!

Ok, well here is the pattern.. its not perfected as I just wrote as I was going..Here we go..I also crochet loosely so you may want to adjust the pattern accordingly..if you want bigger shorts bigger hook..

Size H

Red Heart Soft Baby Yarn-I don't know how much just a small amount..

Ch 80,sl st in the first ch of beg be sure not to twist your work ( you'll be working in rounds never turning)

ROW 1: ch 2, ( working thru back loops) HDC around, join at top of ch2. (80 hdcs), ch2

ROW 2: working in rounds hdc around each st. join in top of ch2,(80 hdc) (work thru back loops)

ROW 3: (work thru both loops throughout rest of pattern) Ch 3, DC in each st around, join top of beg ch.

ROWS 4-14: Repeat ROW 3:(this is the body of the shorts so you can make them longer or shorter depending on your child's size)

ROW 15: Ch 3, DC in the next 40 sts. sl st in top of beg ch 3. this makes the leg hole..

ROW 16: Ch 3, Dc around joining in top of ch 3.

ROW 17-18: Repeat Row 16( if you would like your shorts a little longer this is where you just add a couple more rows)

LEG EDGING: Ch1,sc in first st, sk next st, 5 dc in next st, sk next st, sc in next st, sk, next st, 5 dc in next st continue around and sl st in first sc to join. (10 shells ) fasten off and weave ends in..

SECOND LEG: Join yarn with sl st in the crotch area. Ch 3 and dc around each st. (40 dc)join in top of beg ch 3.

REPEAT ROWS 16-18 of the other leg and do edging..

Crotch area: I just sewed a few sts there to pull it tighter so there wasn't a little whole there..(I'll work on that)

OK now I just ch 125(or however long you want your ties) sl st back thru and wove the tie in every 2 stitches..

I think that's it! Well I have not tested this pattern I just wrote as I went.. so if ya'll find a problem or get confused let me know please I can help you out or change the pattern accordingly! Happy Crocheting! I will have pics this weekend of all the items I have made for my grandaughters as I am going to visit them in GA this weekend!! I can't wait to see eveyrthing on them..SSOOOO EXCITED!!

I am now making a top to go with the shorts and will post it today when I finish! Then its on to CAPRIS pants!!! I'm so inspired lately! LOL Wish me luck!

Here's the same only in PINK!

Here is the twin outfit to the Granny Square Halter & Skirt from Christina's pattern..I thought it was cute in pink too! Everything I make as you can tell is usually pink & purple which is my grandaughters favorite colors! Enjoy!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Here's another outfit w/doo-rag too!

I've had a busy weekend! Working on cars and getting ready for another trip to GA to see the kids and visit the baby in the hospital.
Well I of course found time to whip out another outfit for the twins..It's the Little Girls Granny Halter & the Sweet Little Skirt from the great designer Christina Budd at its on the front page of her blog. Her designs are Cute, quick & easy to turn out! I did not use the elastic around the waist of the skirt ( I don't do well with that stuff LOL) I just did a chain & sl st back thru and wove it thru the top of the skirt..worked pretty good too!!

Hope you all like it!
Thanks Christina for your awesome designs!

Oh yeah I forgot to add these I made these some time ago for the babes! I think I used this pattern for them.. Its the Child's Skirt & Halter pattern..Thanks Margret! Great pattern!