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Monday, July 03, 2006

Here's another outfit w/doo-rag too!

I've had a busy weekend! Working on cars and getting ready for another trip to GA to see the kids and visit the baby in the hospital.
Well I of course found time to whip out another outfit for the twins..It's the Little Girls Granny Halter & the Sweet Little Skirt from the great designer Christina Budd at its on the front page of her blog. Her designs are Cute, quick & easy to turn out! I did not use the elastic around the waist of the skirt ( I don't do well with that stuff LOL) I just did a chain & sl st back thru and wove it thru the top of the skirt..worked pretty good too!!

Hope you all like it!
Thanks Christina for your awesome designs!

Oh yeah I forgot to add these I made these some time ago for the babes! I think I used this pattern for them.. Its the Child's Skirt & Halter pattern..Thanks Margret! Great pattern!


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