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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been over a year now!

I am so sorry about not coming back online after the death of Makayla..I had a very hard year but I seem to be getting back into the swing of things again..let me update ya'll a little bit..

Well after Makayla passed both of my daughters had babies on the same day in March of 2007..Kristin had a baby girl "Qudaria" we call her "QUEY" for short..and Autumn had a baby boy "Cavelli" he was named after a young man that my children went to JHS with..he too had cancer and passed at 15 years old..we miss you Michael Cavelli you will always be with us.. So they are 14 months old now..we had their first birthday party at our new home which we bought last May was wonderful..Grammy didn't miss one stone unturned for sure..we had farm animals,bouncy thingy(for the little ones, I don't know what u call them), riding the 4 wheelers, BBQ outside, and a huge Easter egg many people came out to celebrate with us..truely wonderful..

These are a few of the picture we took..and yes I made those cakes for the babies! Not to shabby for a Grammy huh? It was a great time had by all..

Well the hubby and I have been working on the landscaping this year and its coming along great..our new home is so very nice and we love been out in the country..

I planted my first garden this year and so far doing well..lettuce, radishes,zucchini all coming up great, corn soon and cabbage is in also..all the flower I planted will be blooming soon I hope they turn our nice..I'll take more pictures soon..

We have also been very invloved with our son Will who has decided that drag motorcycle racing is what he likes to do on the ol man and I travel with him and its alot of fun.. all of you that know me know I'm a huge motorhead! So having a racer in family is what I've been waiting r a few pics of Will racing his motorcycle!

Well over the winter the hubby got a few deer to fill our freezer for the's a couple we got this year..This my hubby Bill and our best friend Scotty in the above pic with his first kill of the year! Well I'll stop boring you now and will post again later..we have much to caught up on! TATA for now!


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