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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

JESSE'S Broken Leg!

Well here's my nephew Jesse in all his glory with his broken leg.. He broke his leg last week after a bicycle crash.. He got a spiral break it runs all the way around his for the rest of the summer, but I am enjoying spending this time with him..his momma & daddy took him to the mall and had a girl airbrush DALE JR! on it.. how cool is that! never had that kind of neat stuff when I broke my arm..all they had then was white ol' plaster..yukky! LOL he's content and not in pain so they must have done a good job for him! So for the rest of the summer I'm hangin' with my nephew JESSE and havin' fun, fun, fun!


  • At 11:16 AM , Blogger Jodi said...

    How cool is that!! My hubby is jealous. He's a Dale Jr. fan too! I'm a huge Greg Biffle fan, since he started his driving career here at the local track.

    I hope the leg heals quickly. My son broke his arm a couple of years ago. He had 3 pins in it, but never had a cast. We had to unwrap it to clean them all the time. It was not good. He's fine now though.

    Tell Jesse to enjoy all the attention and the races!


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