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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

JESSE'S Dale Jr. #8 Walker Tote Bag!

This is my first try at the Afghan Stitch! After hours of rippin' it out, I just decided to start over & try fresh, so here it is JESSE'S DALE JR. # 8 Walker Tote! I figured with a broke leg and a walker he can't carry things around, so I made him this walker tote bag! I got the pattern from Cindy Murray's website. Thanks Cindy for graphing this out and thanks to Rita Canada for the Row Count! Its perfect! Jesse luvs it! It works great!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shannon's Princess Dress & Shrug

This is Miss Shannon modeling her new Princess dress & Shrug designed by who else CHRISTINA! at Christina's Crochet Haven! I luv her designs..this is a super outfit.. I had to make the dress 3 rows longer as she is getting very tall.. but that's it..oh the shrug is a couple rows bigger too.. and I used DISCO yarn for the pretty around does set it off completely! Thanks Christina! (this is before I added the 3 or 4 rows to the bottom)

Cute summer outfits for Shannon!

This is my friend's daughter Shannon! She is 7 and going into the 2nd grade this coming summer. So how excited am I about having a new friend to make things for..She wears about a six 6 so I have to amke some adjustments but not too much she's a skinny lil' thing! But here is the Twirly Skirt designed by Christina at scroll down to Twirly Teal Skirt (for some reason the page doesn't want ot work right now..and Ms. Christina is on vacation! Thanks for the great design! Shannon luvs it..The top is the daisy halter by Wendy..cute cute cute..

JESSE'S Broken Leg!

Well here's my nephew Jesse in all his glory with his broken leg.. He broke his leg last week after a bicycle crash.. He got a spiral break it runs all the way around his for the rest of the summer, but I am enjoying spending this time with him..his momma & daddy took him to the mall and had a girl airbrush DALE JR! on it.. how cool is that! never had that kind of neat stuff when I broke my arm..all they had then was white ol' plaster..yukky! LOL he's content and not in pain so they must have done a good job for him! So for the rest of the summer I'm hangin' with my nephew JESSE and havin' fun, fun, fun!